dj/producer under the name brAAAden

sample tracks:

live shows ‘round the world, including Schimanski (Brooklyn, New York), Nano Bar (Skopje, Macedonia), Paloma Bar (Berlin, Germany), and more.

organized the ‘flavor’ party series @ Rebecca’s in Brooklyn, NY.

contact me for booking.


  • Props. Cartoon Network program. Watch the clip here.

  • Amazing Finds at Goodwill. Ad campaign. Read a selection here.

  • iRock with Milk. Ad campaign and concert series. Read an overview here.

  • Give them a 2nd Thought. Article in M Magazine. Available here.

  • Free Fire: Braden Bjella – Copy of a Copy. Feature on Zakim. Read/listen here.

  • Copy of a Copy, Library. Video art by Moskalus. Watch/listen here and here.

  • Copy of a Copy. Feature on Bass and Space. Read here.

also do commercial work. message me for examples/details.

stuff that didn’t fit elsewhere:

Sound design for Orestes 2.0, dir. Charles Dennis

Sound design for Return of the Teratoma, a biological art piece by Lyndsey Walsh

Host of Beer, Bratwurst, and Krautrock on